Vision & Priorities

Maintaining our quality of life involves addressing many challenging issues.
My experience gives me the insight and readiness to tackle these challenges on behalf of our community from day one. 

Public Safety

I will continue my support of  well- funded police and fire departments. This  includes state -of- the -art training for public safety personnel and a focus on community policing. 

Financial Resposibility

I will continue to proactively address our post -pandemic structural budget deficit through prudent fiscal management including support of our small businesses, a focus on economic development, and generating sources of new revenue through collaboration with state and local agencies. 

    Parks & Waterways

    Our lagoons and waterways are integral to our unique quality of life. I will work to ensure quality parks and preservation of open spaces, while maintaining our beautiful waterways and completion of the levee project. 


    We must prioritize the repair of our aging infrastructure, complete our levee and wastewater treatment plant projects and begin the approved Recreation Center rebuild.


    I will work toward the enhancement of traffic relief programs, prioritize intersection and signal improvements, collaborate with federal, state, and local partners to address the 92 and 101 interchanges, and solve “last mile” challenges.

    Environmental Sustainability
    I will continue long-term planning to protect against sea-level rise, address water circulation and contamination issues, prioritize the cleanliness and safety of our beachfronts and work toward diligently toward lower carbon emissions.  


    Richa cares deeply about Foster City and works hard to listen respectfully to all points of view. She is a fiscally responsible leader. I am proud to endorse Richa for city council.


    - Congresswoman Jackie Speier

    I am proud to support Richa for her re-election to Foster City Council. As a Councilmember and Mayor, Richa has demonstrated a true understanding of the challenges facing her community and our region. Her collaborative approach reflects the kind of leadership that gets things done.

    - CA Assemblymember Kevin Mullin

    Richa’s background gives her the ability to plan strategically and tackle challenging issues. As a Councilmember and Mayor, she has been an ardent advocate for Foster City and has established strong working relationships with regional leaders. I am proud to endorse her for her re-election.

    - Josh Becker, CA State Senator, Dist. 13

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